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Most of the these tips have been culled from the FFDS Forum postings.  However, we've included tips and nuggets that have shown up in other sources and forums, and from direct e-mails.  Where the information came from another place, the author has granted permission to use it here.

Our Tutorials Section provides more detailed tutorials, usually with included graphics.

Use these tips (and any information you download) wisely and carefully.  Freeflight Design Shop does not guarantee that using the tips you get will work for you.  If you have comments or questions, please post them to the Forum.

Tips Version Format Contributor(s)


gmax Boolean operations - more on making windows
(Simviation Posting)
gmax HTML X_eidos/J Mackay 29JUN2003
gMax Props (still/slow/blurred) with associated gmax parts file. gmax HTML Milton Shupe 05MAY03
How to do the "window shine" effects gmax/ HTML Milton Shupe 03MAY03
Nosewheel steer angle gmax/
HTML Tom Gibson 29APR03
3D Studio Max to X file converter
(make an FS mdl directly)
3DMax HTML David Segovia 21APR03
FSDS2 and Four Ailerons FSDS2 HTML Tom Gibson/FFDS 17FEB03
Hierachy Nodes vs Phantom Boxes animation
HTML D. Simanaits/G. Oxtoby 15APR2003
A mini-tutorial on Selective Texturing gmax TEXT Dennis Simanaitis 17MAR03
How to break your plane in CFS2
(with a little help from FSDS 2.1)
FSDS2 TEXT Hayden Scott-Williams 17MAR03
Making a Virtual Cockpit
(from the AVSIM Forums)
gmax, FSDS2 HTML Fr. Bill Laeming. 19DEC02

Elevator and Rudder Control Cables, Made Easy

gmax, FSDS2 HTML D. Simanaitis 18DEC02
Mini-Tutorial: Alpha Channels in PSP textures HTML Tom Gibson/FFDS 11DEC02
Lightmap with Alpha Mini-Tutorial
textures HTML Tom Gibson/FFDS 11DEC02
Compiling a gmax file too large for makemdle.exe gMax HTML Tom (Project Airbus) 3DEC02
On/Off Ground Variable fsds2 HTML Dave Eckert 29NOV02
Animating one-sided rudders with spoiler action fsds2/gmax HTML Inspector Poly 29NOV02
Fuselage Thickness - The Perfect Way gmax HTML   27NOV02
Texturing two sides of a gmax model gmax HTML   27NOV02
Making Fowler Flaps gmax/fsds2 HTML   27NOV02
Scripts - Handy Tools
gmax HTML   27NOV02
Rudder Pedals in VC - gmax/fsds2 HTML   27NOV02
Booleans: Wing to Fuselage joints gmax HTML G van de Hharst 27NOV02
Intro to new CFS3 Map Types/gMax 1.2 video texturing CFS3 HTML Finn Neuik 27NOV02
Useful Colors for Glass - AVSIM gmax/fsds2 HTML Steve/ufo 27NOV02
Key Frame Animation Basics - AVSIM gmax/fsds2 HTML Fr. Bill Leaming 27NOV02
Linking multiple parts - (3-part rudder) AVSIM gmax/fsds2 HTML Fr. Bill Leaming 27NOV02
Boolean method of cutting cockpit windows gmax HTML Firestriker 27NOV02
Arranging Aircraft Files in FS2002 FS2002 text Fr. Bill Leaming 28FEB01
AA Mini-Tutorial AA HTML Tom Gibson 07NOV01
AA Multiple axis Gear Motion AA HTML Mark Dyson (SpinDry) 24FEB01
Reading a basic AA motion Sequence AA HTML F Rodriguez/FFDS 25FEB01
Flaps sequencing AA HTML Tom Gibson/FFDS 25FEB01
Animated Spoilerons AA HTML Kerry Gipe 12NOV00
AA Motion Range Table AA HTML Felix Rodriguez 07NOV00
Spinning Blades - non AA animation 2K HTML Mark Dyson (SpinDry) 26FEB01
Adding a cross section to an Unstructured part DS HTML D. Attrell 21AUG01
How to use transformation in parts properties DS HTML Mike Crosthwaite 09MAR01
AF99 afx to fsds AF/DS HTML Richard Osborne 07NOV00
Showing gmax props in FS2K2 GMAX HTML Milton Shupe 23JUL02
Steerable Nose Gear GMAX HTML   24SEP02
Son of Dreaded OBED Scaling - & conquered! GMAX HTML D Simanaitis 24SEP02
Visual Prop Pitch Changing GMAX HTML P Sanchez/T Gibson 24SEP02
Setting gmax Transparency
(from the Aircraft Design Forum)
GMAX HTML Dennis Simanaitis 22JUL02
12.5 Step Program - gmax to FS2002
(from the Aircraft Design Forum)
GMAX HTML Dennis Simanaitis 22JUL02
Getting better gMax backdrops GMAX HTML Neuik/WIlliamson 12JUN02
Animating flaps GMAX HTML Charles/F Williamson 07JUN02
Ratty Gmax Textures GMAX HTML Conrad/Edge
Avoiding the dreaded Gmax Scale Errors in Ungrouping/Grouping
(special to FFDS Tips)
GMAX HTML Dennis Simanaitis 30MAY02
Animating Control Cables
(from the Aircraft Design Forum)
GMAX HTML Dennis Simanaitis
John Woodside
Gmax - Adding Segments
(from the Aircraft Design Forum)
GMAX HTML various 11MAY02
Gmax - Aligning Textures GMAX HTML Mikko Maliniemi 03MAR02
Gmax - Joing two Selected Parts GMAX HTML Chris 06JAN02
Applying Two textures to the same part
(from the AVSIM Forum)
Exterior Model Positioning GMAX HTML Marcel Kuhnt/Chris 22DEC01
Gmax - Gear Doors GMAX HTML O'Lenin 22DEC01
Filling in holes in Gmax
(from the AVSIM Forum)
GMAX HTML Graham 22DEC01
Gmax_Gear hinges GMAX HTML sherv/Tatum 22DEC01
Boolean Operations in Gmax GMAX HTML Chris/Graham 22DEC01
Importing objects in gmax GMAX HTML Danny Voisey 22DEC01
How to do Landing Lights in GMAX GMAX HTML Chris 08DEC01
Gmax Flaperons GMAX HTML Jason Brown 08DEC01
Gmax Transparent Textures GMAX HTML Graham Waterfield 08DEC01
Nose wheel steering GMAX HTML Chris 26NOV01
Gmax keyboard shortcuts GMAX HTML Link at gmax at digital arenas 23NOV01
Working DVC in Gmax GMAX HTML Chris 22NOV01
How to make Water Rudders in GMAX GMAX HTML Chris 12NOV01
gMax Animation Variables listing #2A GMAX HTML Chris 12NOV01
gMax Animation Variables listing GMAX HTML Valentin 07NOV01
Flight Dynamics Primer dynamics HTML Milton Shupe 24SEP02
Lights in FS2K dynamics HTML Tom Gibson/FFDS 26NOV01
Setting a Seaplane in FS2002 dynamics HTML Ron Andersen 10NOV01
Afterburners dynamics
HTML Andrea "Kefren" Brunori 26NOV01
Too Low View Point dynamics HTML Paul Varn 03APR01
thrust reverser var in FS2K dynamics
HTML Paul Varn 03APR01
Setting Jet Transport AIR file Parameters dynamics Text Ron Freimuth 27MAR01
FS2k Turboprop RPM settings dynamics

HTML Fred Banting 26FEB01
Locating Center of Gravity design HTML Paul Varn 03APR01
COG Explained
(from the Aircraft Design Forum)
design HTML Paul Varn 22JUL02
Air Files - Report # 1
Air Files - Report # 2
Steve Baugh 17OCT99
SDL Edit for pitch trim SDLEdit HTML Mike Crosthwaite 07NOV01
Alpha Channels Texturing HTML Andersen 21NOV01
Lining Up 512 X 512 repaints Texturing
HTML Rodriguez
Making spotlights with PSP


Text Ron Ackerley 19FEB00
Easy Hex Editing for Repainting Texturing
HTML Gerald S. Mclaughlin 23FEB01
Flight Simulator 98 Basics 98 Text Bob Seaman 31JAN98
Night Lighting via SCASM 2K HTML Pascal Linder/
Kevin Trinkle
Kevin's Aircraft Painting Tutorial (AF5)

web link Trinkle 11MAR01
Kevin's Aircraft Painting Tutorial (AF99) Texturing
web link Trinkle 11MAR01
Transparent Cockpit Windows 98 web link Alexander Remus 21FEB99

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